How to Stuff a Balloon With a Stuffed Animal

stuffed bear image by jimcox40 from

Jazz up a gift by putting it inside a balloon. Obviously, large gifts can't be stuffed into a balloon, but small items such as stuffed animals, toy vehicles and dolls can. Kids and adults alike will marvel at how their gift got inside that balloon. Many people purchase gifts already stuffed inside balloons, but if you want to give a special gift, do it yourself.

Select the size of balloon you need, according to the size of your gift. You need at least an 18-inch balloon.

Wrap the opening of the ballon over the end of a 3-inch PVC pipe. Use a wider PVC pipe if your gift is larger.

Wiggle your gift into the balloon. If you gift fits through the PVC pipe, insert it through the pipe; if not, use the pipe to hold the balloon open while you the other side of the balloon away from the pipe to insert your gift. You may want someone to help you.

Fill the balloon up with air.

Tie it closed as you would a standard balloon.