How to Attach the Wedding Ribbon on the Car

by Charlie Gaston ; Updated September 28, 2017

Car decorations are a traditional way to mark the car of a newlywed couple. Members of the wedding party or other close friends usually decorate the wedding car with ribbons, empty tin cans and a written message to announce the wedding for all to see. Attaching ribbon to the car takes just a few minutes with a wedding ribbon kit designed to keep the creation in place. Once the ribbon is in place, it will remain intact until it is removed.

Unravel the ribbon if it is spun on a spool. Straighten the ribbon so it lays flat. You may need to set books on the ribbon overnight to flatten it.

Open the driver and passenger side doors. Pass the ribbon through either side and out toward the front of the car. Close both doors.

Pull the ribbon across the front hood. Thread both ends of the ribbon through the front hood ornament, if applicable. If your car does not have a hood ornament, just pull the ribbon across the front hood to the front bumper.

Tie a bow in the same way that you would tie a pair of shoe laces. Keep the ribbon snug as you pull both sides into a bow. Make sure the ribbon does not cover the front license plate. It will rest on the front bumper.

Secure the ribbon running across the hood of the car and the bow resting on the bumper using adhesive pads from a car wedding ribbon kit. These adhesive pads are specially designed to temporarily bond to the hood of your car without causing damage; other removable adhesive pads can be used if you do not have a car wedding ribbon kit.

Reach under the ribbon and set each pad in place. Sweep your hand over the ribbon and gently press down to fasten the ribbon to the pad. Continue along the hood and down the front bumper; add enough pads to secure the bow.