How Do I Hang a Wreath on a Tombstone?

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Placing items at a gravesite helps family members feel they are honoring the life and memory of deceased loved ones. Depending on the item, you may encounter difficulty with keeping the items looking neat and organized unless you plan the placement carefully. When you wish to hang a wreath on a tombstone, use a special hook designed to attach to virtually any headstone.

Step 1

Place the tombstone wreath hanger onto the top of the tombstone. Generally, these special hangers fit over the top of the tombstone with a hook that extends for holding the wreath. Adjust the wreath hanger so it sits at the center of the tombstone.

Step 2

Cut a 6-inch length of craft wire using the wire cutters. Insert the end of the craft wire through the back of the wreath near the top. Twist the ends of the craft wire together tightly to make a loop out of the wire.

Step 3

Hang the wire loop over the wreath hanger. Stand back and check the wreath on the tombstone to ensure you like the placement.