How to Tie a Zipper Tie

by Melissa J. Bell ; Updated September 28, 2017

Sadie Robinson/Demand Media

In many situations, such as formal occasions or day-to-day business dealings, appropriate clothing is expected. For men, this usually includes a dress shirt, suit trousers, a jacket and a tie. Ties, in particular, are often considered a nuisance, as tying them requires some degree of skill. Several special versions of ties have been created to combat this problem, including clip-on ties and the adjustable zipper tie. Zipper ties are fairly simple to use, and can save you time getting dressed in the morning.

Adjust the tie so that it is large enough to fit over your head. Hold the dangling end of the tie and pull on the knot to open the zipper.

Place the zipper tie over your head.

Adjust the tie so that it is situated properly on your neck. The knot should be at the center of your collar.

Grasp the dangling end of the tie again. Push the knot upward with your other hand, sliding until the tie fits your neck.

Adjust the position of the tie again, if necessary.

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