How to Put On a Clip-on Tie

Self tie or clip-on

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The instructions for putting on a clip-on tie are right there in the name -- simply clip it right to your shirt. The process varies a bit depending on whether you sport a single-clipped neck tie or a double-clipped bow tie. Once you secure the tie to your collar, this no-hassle fashion accessory doesn't require any sort of adjustment and breaks away easily when needed, making it a preferred choice for active professionals such as police officers and security guards, in particular.

No-Hassle Neck Ties

Choose a tie of the proper length -- clip-on styles are not adjustable, so it's essential to buy the right one from the get-go. When held up to your collar, the bottom tip of the tie should fall at the top of your belt buckle or the waistband of your pants.

Button your collared shirt up to the top button. Open the clip-on's lever-style clasp by pushing the lever upward.

Place the tie's knot at your shirt's top button, right in the center of your neck between the two parts of the collar, so that the clasp hangs over the shirt.

Press the lever down. It snaps into place over the tie clasp's button, securing the tie in place until you give it a gentle upward tug.

Go With the Bow

Fold the two sides of the bow tie outward, using the lever-like clasp on either side. This reveals two, prong-like metal clasps on either side of the knot, which are positioned horizontally when wearing the tie.

Button your collared dress shirt all the way up to the top button. Position the bow tie so that the knot rests directly between the two parts of your collar.

Slide one clasp over the left or right side of the collar, so that the collar is in-between the two prongs. Slide the opposing clasp over the other side of the collar.

Press each side of the bow tie down, securing the clasps onto the collar. You may need to slide the clasps up or down on either side of the collar to make sure your tie is level.