How to Put on Clip Suspenders

2008 eye of einstein / Creative Commons

Clip suspenders are suitable for less formal wear, such as khakis, chinos or jeans. Made with elastic strapping instead of silk, these are simple to attach and don't require any inner suspender buttons.

Grasp the back strap of the suspender. Lay the suspenders flat over the center of the waistband, face side down.

Use the fingernails to open the clip. With the open clip centered over the back of the trouser, close the clip at the top of the waistband.

Put on the trousers. Pick up the front bands of the suspenders and bring them over the shoulders.

Use the metal sliders to adjust any straps that are too short. If there's too much pulling in the back, reposition the rear metal slider to suit.

Open the clips on the front straps. Position the first open clip at the halfway point between the edge of the body and the fly. Shut the clip over the pant. Repeat on the other side.

Adjust the strap length to suit. If the shirt bunches underneath, loosen the straps slightly.