How to Connect Corsets to Stockings

Pulling up my stockings

Pulling up my stockings image by DNF-Style from

While a corset and camisole may look similar, the two undergarments are fundamentally different. A camisole’s purpose is nothing more than a fancy undershirt with lace and ribbons worn as an undergarment. A corset’s purpose is much more dramatic. A corset provides structured support to create curves and shapes that do not ordinarily exist in the same way. Often a corset will have two straps in the front and two straps in the back that connect the corset to stockings to hold the stockings up.

Apply the body lotion to your torso and allow the lotion to dry completely. The lotion will ensure there is no friction against your skin from the liner or the corset.

Put the corset liner on by stepping into it and pulling it up so it covers your entire waist and hip area. Make sure you put the liner on correctly with the back of the liner at your back. If there is a seam on the liner, make the seam of the liner go over your backbone.

Pull the corset around you from back to front. Lace the corset so it is as snug as you desire. Tie the laces in a bow at the top of the corset and tuck the excess laces down the front center of the corset.

Put one stocking on one leg, pulling it up as far as it will go. Pull down the front strap from the corset above the stocking and attach the eye of the strap over the button on the stocking. Repeat with the other stocking on the other leg.

Pull the rear straps down from the corset and attach them to the stockings along the backs of your legs in the same fashion.

Adjust the comfort and fit of the corset and the stockings. Continue getting dressed.