How to Keep Tights From Sagging in the Knees

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A pair of tights can pull an outfit together. However, an improperly fitted or sagging pair of tights can make an outfit look ill-fitting and messy. When you wear tights, they must fit you properly and feel comfortable. If you have tights that tend to sag in the knees but fit you properly in other places, you can easily remedy the situation so your tights hug your legs and knees properly and don't bunch.

Wear tights that contain more Lycra and less nylon. Nylon tends to stretch out more than Lycra. When you wear Lycra tights, the material conforms to your legs and does not stretch out.

Pull the tights up past your natural waistline. Pulling your tights up helps keep the material in place. When you wear your tights below your naval, the material can roll, which causes the material around the knees to sag as the tights slowly fall down.

Put underwear on under your tights. Some people wear tights without underwear. Wearing underwear under your tights gives the material something to hold on to. If you do not want to wear underwear underneath your tights, consider wearing a pair over your tights. The underwear will help keep the tights in place and prevent the material from falling.

Take excess fabric and pull it down to your feet. Fold the fabric underneath each foot. While tights are designed for different height ranges, not all tights fit the same way. If you have too much length in your tights, pulling the fabric down and folding it under the foot helps get rid of bunching material around the knees.

Cut your tights to the correct length. If you have footed tights that do not have a lot of Lycra, the tights can slip as you walk and the fabric is pulled by your foot. Cut the feet off your tights to prevent your tights from slipping. You can opt to cut the tights off at the ankle or at the middle of your shin.