How to Wear a Tight Girdle

The bridesmaid helps the bride to lace up a corset image by Nadezda Kraft from

The traditional girdle was used throughout history to make women look thinner and curvier than they actually were. Modern day girdles are often worn for the same reason, though some are used in sports like football and some also wear the girdles to straighten their posture. A girdle consists of laces on the back, which let the user adjust the size of the piece, and boning, which keeps the girdle straight. Wearing a tight girdle, makes you look curvier and thinner than you would otherwise.

Put on the girdle, keeping your arms straight up and pull it down over your head. The lacing on the girdle should lay flat on your back, with the non-laced part in the front. Pull the girdle down until the bottom of the piece sits on top of your hips and the top covers your stomach, but doesn’t go over your chest.

Take a deep breath, pulling in your stomach as much as possible. Then, adjust the girdle to a comfortable position. You want to feel as though you can still breathe in and out. Breathe in slowly and give your body a chance to adjust to the girdle before lacing.

Ask someone to help you lace the girdle. Run the lacing through the top holes on the girdle and then take a deep breath, pulling in your stomach as you inhale. Move the laces through the holes, moving towards the bottom of the girdle and pulling tightly on the lacing.

Breathe slowly, taking shallow breaths as your friend laces the girdle. When you reach the bottom of the girdle, take another deep breath and tie off the lacing. If you lace the girdle properly, there should only be an inch or less of space between the two pieces of fabric.

Practice walking around in the girdle, wearing clothing on top of the piece. Give yourself time to adjust to the girdle because it literally changes your shape and adjusts the size of your body. Keep taking shallow breaths and slowly work your way up to taking longer and deeper breaths. It may take some time, but eventually you’ll find it easy to wear your tight girdle.