How to Tie Wrestling Shoes

Shoe macro image by Matthew Cole from

Wrestling is a demanding sport. Good physical condition, highly toned muscles, agility, strength and technique are all required to be successful, as is using the proper technique to lace your shoes. Tying your laces properly will give you better foot and ankle support, allowing you to be faster on the mat and more formidable when competing.

Tie your shoe lace beginning at the bottom of your shoe, near your toe. Lace it as you normally would for any shoe, looping the laces across and through each hole, up and over, and back across, working your way up the shoe.

Stop lacing your shoe when you get to the last pair of holes at the top of your shoes. Instead of crossing the laces to pull them through the last pair of holes, take each end and push it through the hole on the same side as the lace. Leave a little slack on the lace, so it looks like two loops on each side (or bunny ears).

Cross the ends of the shoe laces and pull them through the hoops on each side.

Loosen your lower laces a little.

Tighten your laces by pulling each end of your shoe lace to the right and left of your shoe. Tie your shoe laces in a standard bow, and tie them again to double-knot them. Repeat these steps for your other shoe. This will lock your ankle and foot into your shoe tightly, but still allow you to easily put on and take off your shoes.