How to Lace Tennis Shoes So I Don't Have to Tie Them

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Tucking your laces into your shoes rather than tying them can be helpful in situations where you quickly have to take your shoes off and put them back on, such as going through airport security. Changing your shoelace style can also add new life to old shoes.

Lay the shoe lace flat against the bottom two eyelets of the lacing area; feed the left end of the lace in to the left eyelet and the right end into the right eyelet through the outside of the shoe not the inside like you normally would.

Cross the ends over each other and feed in to the next set of holes through the top like you did the first set. Think of it as reversing the way you normally lace your shoes, instead of going through the underside coming up, pull the laces through each eyelet through the top going inward.

Repeat this process all through all the eyelets to the top of your shoe.

Tuck any excess shoelace into the sides of your shoe.