How to Lace Up Air Force Ones

Nike Air Force Ones have become popular shoes in the hip-hop community. Featured in magazines and music videos, the shoes even were the subject of a hit song by rapper Nelly. Because of their popularity, there came a number of different stylized ways to wear the shoes, starting from the laces. You can lace your Air Forces in a number of ways to add character to your outfit.

Lace the shoes in a criss-cross direction, as popularized by rapper Nelly. Put the left end of the lace through the left loop at the bottom, and the right end of the lace through the right loop, both of them looped from underneath. Continue by criss-crossing the laces all the way up, alternating left and right with each lace.

Lace them in the other popular style using the bar method. Insert the left end in the top of the bottom-left loop and the right end in the top of the bottom-right loop. Lace the right end into the second loop on the right, directly above it. Then pull it across parallel, skip two loops up and pull it across parallel again. Do this with the left lace as well, looping every other bar not looped by the right lace.

Tuck the bottom hem of your pant leg under the tongue of your shoes to show off your laces.