How to Tie My Converses Behind the Tongues

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Converse sneakers are known for bringing a rocker or punk style to outfits. There are various types of Converse shoes available in many colors that allow the wearer to match any outfit. Shoelaces on Converses make their own fashion statement and can also be tied in various ways; however, a popular method is to tie the shoelaces behind the shoe’s tongue.

Loosen the laces to put the converse shoes on. Tighten the laces once they are on to the desired tightness. Converses can be left loose or as tight as needed so they do not fall off as you walk.

Leave the last grommets at the very top of the shoe unlaced to facilitate tying the laces behind the tongue.

Push the tongue on the shoe forward and pull each end of the shoelaces behind the tongue. Tie a knot or bow in the laces to ensure they do not come undone.

Press each end of the shoe laces inside the shoe so they can no longer be seen and do not hang outside the shoe. Pull the tongue backward so it covers the laces.

Repeat the procedures in Steps 1 to 4 to tie the other Converse shoe behind the tongue.