How to Tie a Knot in Sperry Leather Laces

by Artesia Peluso ; Updated September 28, 2017

In 1935, Paul Sperry designed the Sperry shoe. It consisted of a suede or nubuck shoe laced with a leather shoe string. The Sperry design has come to be known as the "boat shoe," as the style was sported by upper-class men who owned yachts and boats in the '30s. Although the design of the shoe is much loved, the leather laces are known for coming undone. One tying method used to keep leather laces tied, like those on the Sperry "boat shoe," is the barrel knot.

Unlace the shoes and lace again to make the leather laces even, if necessary.

Hold one lace in a loop, held together by two fingers. Take the other end of the leather lace and twine it around your finger so that it secures the looped lace. There will be a hole between the twined lace and the looped lace. This is a loose knot.

Take the loose end of the leather lace that is twined around you finger and create a loop; hold together with two fingers. Push the loop through the center of the loose knot and pull both ends of the loops tight.

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