How to Stretch Out Leather

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Leather clothing and accessories are sturdy, beautiful and long-lasting fashion items. However, sometimes leather can be a little stiff, causing shoes or other clothing items to fit uncomfortably. In this case, the leather item will need to be stretched. In this article, we will discuss how to stretch out leather.

Fill the tub with warm water. If you are stretching a pair of shoes or boots, they may fit in the sink.

Submerge the leather item completely. The item should be totally underwater.

Work the leather until it is fully soaked. You can do this by kneading and twisting it with your hands.

Leave the item in the water for 10 minutes. Soaking will make the leather more pliable.


Put the item on while it is still wet. The leather will stretch and mold to fit your body perfectly. While you may spend an uncomfortable hour or two, think of how nice it will be to have the perfect fitting pair of pants or shoes.