How to Shrink a Leather Wallet

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Leather wallets are a fashionable accessory for any man or woman. A classy wallets can be an accessory that looks nice on anyone. In most cases, wallets come in a fairly small size and they can typically carry cash, credit cards and other similar accessories. The problem with a one size wallet is that sometimes the wallet is too large. A leather wallet can be shrunk to make it slightly smaller.

Remove everything from the wallet. There should be no cash, cards, pictures or change in the wallet as the contents can cause the wallet to shrink unevenly.

Place the wallet in lukewarm water for approximately 10 minutes. The wallet should be evenly covered by the water.

Remove the wallet after ten minutes. Usually ten minutes will be enough time for the wallet to soak. When the wallet only needs to shrink a very small amount, it can be removed a couple minutes earlier.

Set the wallet in the sun to dry. It should be placed where the wallet is getting even sunlight. If the wallet does not receive sunlight evenly, it will shrink more in some areas and less in others, resulting in a misshapen wallet. A blow dryer can be used when the day is not sunny. Use the blow dryer on low heat and keep it about a foot or two above the wallet.

Use leather dressing to soften the leather once it has dried. The shrinking process can harden the leather, which could cause it to crack. Make sure to apply leather dressing at least twice a year to preserve the leather. The first application after shrinking should be generously applied and gently rubbed into the leather. You can use a smaller amount of leather dressing after the first application.