How to Restore a Crocodile Purse

A crocodile handbag is a fashion statement that is sullied when the purse is not properly cleaned or cared for. Crocodile leather is durable, but will warp and fade if improperly stored or suffer serious damage if exposed to household cleaners. Restoring your crocodile purse involves learning how to correctly clean, moisturize and store the investment to ensure it rocks your outfit for many years to come.

Remove the purse’s contents and hold it upside down over a garbage can. Shake the purse to remove any dirt or debris trapped in the handbag’s bottom and creases.

Wipe down the handbag’s surface with a damp microfiber cloth. This is sufficient to clean the crocodile skin, unless there is a difficult stain.

Remove any stains from the crocodile handbag by dampening a household sponge with exotic-leather cleaner. Work the cleaner into the affected area using overlapping circles.

Wipe away any remaining cleaner with a damp cloth and allow the purse to dry completely.

Apply a light coating of leather conditioner to the crocodile handbag with a soft cloth. Work the conditioner into the crocodile leather to rehydrate the skin and restore its appearance. Wipe away any remaining conditioner with a soft cloth. Choose a lanolin-free product or one that is formulated for use on exotic skins.

Store the crocodile handbag in a cool, dry spot that is away from direct heat. Heat removes moisture from the crocodile leather, causing a loss of natural shine.