How to Get Deep Scrapes Out of Leather Boots

by Jaimie Zinski ; Updated September 28, 2017

Treat leather scrapes early to prevent them from deepening.

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Leather boots are a fashion statement that require care to clean, polish and prevent scratches, scuffs and the formation of mold. Deep scrapes that occur on leather boots will remove several layers of the leather polish and wax, leading to damage of the leather itself. Repairing even the deepest of scratches and scrapes is possible at home to avoid a costly trip to the cobbler, or throwing the boots in the trash.

Brush off any loose dirt from the surface of the boots with a plastic shoe brush.

Dampen a soft cloth with water. Cover the corner of the moistened cloth with a light coating of saddle soap.

Work the saddle soap into the affected area using overlapping circles. Wipe away the soap with a separate dry cloth.

Cover a cotton swab with mineral oil. Rub the affected area with the oil to remove any layers of shoe polish from the scrape.

Work a small amount of leather lotion or cream into the affected area with a lint-free cloth.

Allow the boots to sit for at least eight hours, or overnight. This will give the lotion or cream time to penetrate and soften the leather.

Wet a cotton swab with leather polish that closely matches the color of your boots.

Work the leather polish directly into the scraped area. Continue to work more polish into the area with the cotton swab until the affected area is filled in and flush with the surrounding leather.

Cover the area around the scrape with a layer of leather polish. Work the polish into the leather using overlapping circles. Allow the polish to remain on the boots for at least eight hours, or overnight.

Buff the leather boots with a lint-free cloth to restore the shine to the boots and remove any excess polish.

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