How to Use Apache Boot Cream

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Justin Boots makes a wide range of leather boots for both men and women, along with a conditioning leather cream to help owners take care of their boots. The Apache cream is a leather conditioner utilized to restore dry, scuffed or distressed boots to their original luster. Apache cream claims to remove even deep scuffs from boots and provides a protective layer for the leather. You can use Apache cream on cowhide and oil leathers as well as exotics, but not on naked or finish leather.

Remove mud and dirt using a rag or soft bristled brush.

Apply the Apache Cream with a clean, soft cloth, using a circular motion to gently massage the cream into the leather, especially over scuffed areas.

Leave the Apache cream to sink into the leather for a few minutes.

Buff the leather with the side of the cloth that is not covered in Apache Cream. Rub the boots in a circular motion until you have removed the Apache cream and the leather is restored.

Repeat this process regularly to protect your boots and prevent scuffs and aging.