How to Repair Frye Boots

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The Frye Company, founded in 1863 by John Frye, is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States, according to the company's website. Frye boots and shoes are legendary for their superior craftsmanship and materials; there is even a pair on display in the Smithsonian. When cared for properly, they will last for years; however, at times, treatment and repair of the leather will be necessary.

Prevent damage to your Frye boots by taking good care of the leather from the outset. Rub Frye's leather conditioning cream on full-grain leather. This will help to soften, condition and keep the boot leather resistant to inclement weather as well as prevent the leather from drying out. However, the cream will not make your boots completely waterproof, and is not recommended for use on suede or nubuck; use a suede protector spray instead. The cream will also help to restore leather that has become dull with age, giving it a nice shine. The cream can be purchased directly from the company website or from your local Frye retailer.

stretch boots that cramp your feet or are simply too small. Either seek out a professional cobbler to help loosen the leather of your boots or save money by stretching them at home with a wooden shoe stretcher. Place the boot on the stretcher after covering it with a plastic bag to preserve the finish. Insert the clamps around the area to be stretched then leave it on overnight. If the boot is still too small, use the stretcher again.

Apply crazy glue as a temporary measure if the heel of your boot breaks off. Since Fryes are so durable, many customers find that with repeated wear the boot will outlast the heel. However, as Fryes are made from sturdy and often heavy-duty materials, always seek out help from a professional cobbler to ensure a permanent solution to a heel replacement as do-it-yourself treatments aren't guaranteed to last. Save all pieces of the heel that might have fallen off. If the heel is in one piece, a cobbler can most likely repair the damage.

Store your Frye boots in a dry location to preserve the leather quality. Stuff them with newspapers or plastic bags when not in use in order to help the boot retain its shape and to absorb any lingering moisture.