How to Prevent Jordans From Cracking

Nike Air Jordans are a sneaker named after basketball star Michael Jordan. Most Jordans are made of a combination of materials, including leather. If the shoes are not cleaned and maintained properly, the leather may develop cracks, just as most other leather items will. By learning how to clean and care for your Jordans, you can prevent these cracks and enjoy your shoes longer.

Keep your Jordans dry, if at all possible. Don’t wear them out in the rain without waterproofing them first, and avoid stepping in puddles or mud while wearing them. Moisture and dirt will damage the leather, making it susceptible to cracking when it dries.

Clean your Jordans when they are dirty, using a leather shoe cleaner on the leather areas and a damp cloth on all other areas. If the shoes are caked in dirt, brush it off first with a soft-bristled brush.

Condition your shoes after you have cleaned them and after you have let them dry completely. Use a leather conditioner for shoes. Gently rub the conditioner into the leather with a dry, soft cloth.

Spray the clean, conditioned shoes with a water-repellent spray for shoes. This will help protect the shoes from moisture damage.

Store shoes indoors and out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can dry out the leather and make it more susceptible to cracking.