How to Care for Asolo Leather Hiking Boots

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Asolo hiking boots are durable and strong. Their solid construction and design makes them comfortable while working or hiking over rugged terrain. The rubber soles are attached with a cement construction, and the Gore-Tex lining waterproofs the boot. Asolo hiking boots can be purchased in leather or soft suede, but do require a certain amount of care.

Remove the insole after wearing your Asolo boots, especially if worn for a long period of time. Allow it to dry, and remove any gravel in the boot. Gravel and other debris left inside the boots can damage the Gore-Tex membrane. This could impair the boot's water resistance.

Remove the inner-boot and allow it to dry . Remove any gravel or debris that may be inside.

Wash the shell of the boot with water. Do not use detergent or chemical solvents to clean any part of your Asolo hiking boots.

Clean the leather or suede parts of your boots with a damp cloth. Mud or most other substances can be cleaned away with water and a nylon brush.

Apply a beaded gel-cleaner. Rub a sponge or cloth over the boot. Rinse thoroughly with water. Do not over-soak the boot.

Allow your boots to air dry. Avoid leaving them in direct heat.

Dry the metal eyelets inside and out after cleaning. This will reduce the chance of rust formation.

Avoid leaving your Asolo boots in direct sunlight for long periods. Drying them outside is not advised.

Protect your Asolo boots with leather protector or conditioner. Spray-on protectors are the simplest to use, but you can also use wipe-on leather treatments. Use a soft cloth, and coat all leather parts inside and out.

Allow the leather to dry overnight after cleaning or treating.