How to Clean Lizard Skin Boots


Boots are a wardrobe staple for many people, and lizard skin boots are a luxury. To keep the lizard boots in the best shape possible, cleaning them to remove dirt and grime is a must. It is an easy process to make the boots last for years to come.

Use a dry cloth to wipe away loose dirt and dust. Move the cloth in the direction of the scales, not against them.

Use a soft brush to remove any debris from underneath the scales. Do not pull or tug, but gently work out any debris.

Use a damp cloth to go over the scales, working gently. Make sure the cloth is only damp, as excessive water can harm the boot. Do not use any soap products to clean lizard boots.

Lightly rub in a conditioner made for reptile skins. Because lizard skin has a tendency to dry out quickly, condition the boot frequently and use a light coating of conditioner.

Cow leather inside the boot can also be cleaned. Use a leather conditioner on the inside of the boot and let it sit for one or two days to complete the cleaning process.