What Are Ugg Boots Made Out Of?

Authentic UGG boots are manufactured by the UGG Australia Company and are made of treated twin-face sheepskin. The inside is made from the fleece-side of the skin, and the outside of the boot is the leather side. Only UGG boots bought from UGGAustralia.com or authorized dealers are covered by warranty; purchase of the boots from other sources is most likely counterfeit.

Twin-Face Sheepskin

Twin-face sheepskin refers to one piece used for the inner and outer portion of the boot. The boot is made from Grade-A sheepskin which provides natural wicking and excellent air circulation.

Sheepskin Preparation

Prior to forming to the sheepskin into the boot, the sheepskin goes through a complicated preparation process. The process normally takes ten working days; steps include tanning, cleaning, dying, drying, conditioning, clipping and cutting.


Once the sheepskin is cut, it is sewn together in the shape of the boot. Soles are glued inside. A heel counter made of leather is attached to the outside of the boot to offer heel support, and the boot is attached to a molded, rubber outer sole.


Inner soles may wear down if worn regularly. According to UGG Australia, insoles should be replaced “as often as necessary for comfort, warmth and moisture-wicking.”


Although the original tan color is the most popular choice among fans of the brand, UGG offers boots for men, women and children in various styles and colors.


The thermostatic quality of the sheepskin regulates body temperature, making the boots appropriate for wear all throughout the year. Natural fleece is soft; some types of counterfeit or synthetic fleece will feel rough or scratchy to the touch.