Can You Use Mink Oil on Snakeskin Boots?

by Christine Gutierrez

Snakeskin is a popular material for boots.

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Snakeskin boots and boots made from other reptiles are a bit different from regular cow's leather boots, so they require slightly different care. Mink oil should not be used to condition snakeskin.

Brush Leather

Dust and dirt will damage your snakeskin boots over time. Brush the snakeskin with a soft brush to remove dust particles. Gently brush against the grain. A damp cloth may also be used.

Condition Snakeskin

Use a conditioner made specifically for exotic or reptile leather to condition your snakeskin boots. This specialty leather conditioner will be lighter than regular mink oil.

Polish Your Snakeskin Boots

Rattlesnake boots should not be polished. For other snakeskin boots, use a polish in a matching color. Be sure to polish with the grain so that you don't get polish stuck in the crevices.

Condition The Inside

Most snakeskin boots are made from snakeskin adhered to cow's leather. Cow's leather will dry and crack over time, so you can periodically use mink oil to condition the inside. Let your boots sit for a few days to dry out after conditioning the inside.

No Silicone

Do not use silicone-based products on your snakeskin boots, as it will deteriorate the leather.

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