How to Care for Python Leather


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Python leather comes from python snakes that originate from tropical climates such as Africa, Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands. Python leather is a very expensive leather that is beautiful, yet durable. It is used to make clothing, purses, boots, belts, and many other accessories. Python leather grows more beautiful and elegant over time, and products made out of this leather will last for many years if they are cared for properly by the owner.

How to Care For Python Leather

Protect python leather from the sun and other elements of heat. This will cause the leather to dry out and crack, and the color will begin to fade. Once this happens, the leather can not be repaired.

Protect your python leather from water and spills. This leather absorbs quickly and therefore is easily damaged by water and other liquids. In the event your python leather does get wet, let it dry naturally. Don't use any heating elements that will further damage the leather.

If the python leather gets dusty or dirty, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe it down. If a stain exists, soak your cloth in a small amount of water and dishwashing liquid and carefully blot at the stain to remove it.