How to Care for Crocodile Skin Leather Goods

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Boots, shoes and handbags constructed from real crocodile skin are valued for their beauty, resilience and the prestige they bring to the wearer. Items constructed from crocodile leather are also expensive, which makes it important to properly care for these goods to prevent damage beyond repair. These are a few guidelines and suggestions to follow that will keep your crocodile skin pieces looking fabulous for many years.

Avoid exposing your crocodile leather pieces to direct sunlight. Do not place them near a radiator or any other heat source. The heat can cause the leather goods to dry out, which will cause damage and a loss of natural sheen.

Avoid exposure to the rain or any other constant source of water, which could ruin the crocodile leather.

Avoid dropping and scratching your crocodile skin pieces. Scratches, dings and breaks in the leather cannot be repaired.

Cleaning your crocodile leather goods with harsh chemicals can cause the leather to darken, and should never be utilized.

Avoid spilling drinks on your leather pieces. The leather could absorb the liquid, causing it to crack.

Cleaning your crocodile pieces is possible if exposed to a small amount of water. Begin by absorbing the liquid with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry away from any direct heat.

Removing stains is possible by utilizing a cleanser that contains a small amount of lanolin. Rub the product onto the stain with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry.