How to Keep Patent Leather From Peeling

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You spent your money on a brand-new, patent leather item -- and you want to keep it from peeling. Patent leather -- best known for its glossy shine -- is often a staple in formal wear used for dressing up an outfit. However, the leather itself is tanned and cured in the same fashion as any other leather product. The exception is an application of chemicals giving the leather its unique look. With a little care, you can help your patent leather keep its reflective gloss and prevent cracking.

Wipe the surface of your leather clean and free of dirt.

Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to surface of the leather. Apply the jelly with your fingertips working it into the leather. Allow the jelly 10 to 15 minutes to permeate the leather's skin -- which helps to prevent peeling.

Wipe away the excess jelly with your cloth.

Use a buffing brush to bring the patent leather to a high-gloss shine.