How Can I Take the Shine Off My Fake Leather Jacket?

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Faux leather is a lightweight and easy-to-clean vinyl material produced in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is used to manufacture a variety of products, from upholstery to clothing, Cheaper to produce than real leather, artificial leather is commonly used to make jackets. One drawback of fake leather is its tendency to have an unnaturally high shine not found in real leather products. However, the shine can usually be buffed out of the material.

Apply a wax remover, used for vinyl floors, to the outside surface of the jacket with a dry cloth.

Buff the jacket with “superfine” steel wool. Superfine steel wool is used in many polishing applications and will not harm the material.

Wipe the jacket with a clean cloth. Buff the jacket again with a clean, dry piece of superfine steel wool.

Clean the steel wool residue from the jacket with a clean, damp cloth and allow the jacket to dry. Check that the shine has been sufficiently reduced. If not, repeat the treatment.