How to Get Scuffs Off Vinyl Shoes


Jupiterimages/ Images

Vinyl shoes have a glossy finish, so even the slightest scuff mark can be very noticeable. Although vinyl is durable, it’s important to remove scuffs from the shoes with care so you don’t take off the finish or distort the color of the shoe. Use products you likely already have around your house to remove scuffs from vinyl shoes.

Wipe the scuffed area of the shoe with a damp rag to remove any residue. Use a dry rag to remove the excess moisture.

Rub a clean pencil eraser over the scuff marks. Use a light motion when rubbing so you don’t damage the vinyl. Do this gently until the mark disappears.

Moisten a clean rag with nail polish remover. Rub the nail polish remover over any remaining scuff mark left on the shoe. Avoid rubbing too hard or too much, as you risk damaging the vinyl. Wipe with a clean damp rag to remove the residue.

Use lighter fluid for tough scuff marks on vinyl shoes. Apply a small amount of lighter fluid to a rag and rub lightly over the scuff until it’s gone. Wipe the shoes with a clean, damp rag to remove any traces of the lighter fluid.