How to Clean Vans Slip Ons

by James Clark

For more than 20 years, Vans Shoes have been a popular choice for America's teens. Made of a heavy duty high-quality canvas material and heavy rubber sole, the slip on style is easy-on, easy-off and perfect for skateboarding and other athletic activities. As with any shoe designed for athletic use, they can get dirty, but cleaning Vans slip-ons is easy.

Items you will need

  • Hot, soapy water
  • Towel
Step 1

Fill a bucket with hot, soapy water and get a towel or sponge.

Step 2

Dip the sponge into the soapy water and using a circular motion, gently scrub the Vans slip-ons with the sponge.

Step 3

Repeat until you are satisfied the shoes are clean.

Step 4

Leave shoes in the sun to air dry.


  • Do not use bleach or any abrasive cleaners, as the canvas material on your Vans will fade.


About the Author

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