How to Wear Steel Toe Shoes

working boot image by Joel Calheiros from

Steel toe shoes, usually boots, are often used for work purposes. In addition, steel toe shoes can be worn for hiking and other outdoor endeavors. They are excellent for protecting feet from becoming injured. To wear steel toe shoes, you must get the proper fit and also wear the proper socks to make them more comfortable. Get them properly fitted so that they will work for you all day long. Construction workers and other labor employees are often required to wear steel toe shoes to work.

Make sure that the boots are made of leather. They tend to provide more protection and last longer than those made of synthetic materials. If wearing them for work, choose to wear steel toe shoes that go up higher on the leg.

Put on a pair of thick socks. In order for steel toe shoes to be comfortable, and for feet to stay protected and warm, thick socks are preferred.

Slide your foot into one of the steel toe shoes. The toes go first and then slide in the heel. If you have trouble with this, loosen the laces. Do the same on the other foot. Tie the laces.

Stand up and walk around in the shoes. Make certain that they provide enough support. Adjust the laces if necessary.