How Can I Clean the Rubber on My Vans Tennis Shoes?

Founded in 1966, Vans Inc. is a company that manufacturers shoes, helmets and skateboarding equipment. The company gained popularity in the 1970s by designing and manufacturing specialized skateboarding shoes, and sponsoring skateboarders in competition. The shoes are now worn by both skateboarders and for routine, everyday use. While wearing Vans shoes, you may walk through puddles, mud, dirt and other substances. All of these can leave the rubber soles of your shoes looking dirty. Routine cleaning can remove the buildup, spots and stains, leaving your shoes looking clean and new.

Cleaning the Soles

Fill a bowl or small bucket with a squirt of a liquid dish soap and warm water.

Dip a soft scrubbing brush, such as a toothbrush or nail brush, into the soapy water. Scrub the rubber soles of the shoes to remove all dirt, dust and buildup.

Wipe away all soap residue from the soles of the shoes using a water-dampened cloth.

Allow the shoes to air-dry.

Cleaning All of the Shoe

Remove any shoelaces from the shoe.

Place the shoe in the washing machine, on a cold water setting. Use a mild non-bleach, non-chlorine detergent. Not only can bleach and chlorine discolor the surface of the shoe, it can cause the white rubber sole to yellow. Remove the shoes when the cleaning cycle is complete.

Dry white or light-colored Vans in the dryer. Allow dark-colored Vans to air-dry. The heat can cause dark-colored vans to fade.