How to Remove Ink From Shoes

Shoes can become dirty and stained quite easily. Your shoes are always coming in contact with grass, dirt and other debris that can cause unsightly marks and stains. Ink from a broken pen can drip and splatter onto your shoes leaving a nasty stain. Wiping the stain can smear the ink and create an even bigger mess. Fortunately, there are some home remedies that can remove those ink stains from your shoes for good.

Removing Ink Stains with Hairspray

Spray hairspray directly onto the ink stain.

Allow the hairspray to sit on the shoes for a few minutes. Do not let the hairspray dry.

Rub the ink away with a paper towel. If the stain persists, apply more hairspray to the ink stain and continuing rubbing with a paper towel.

Removing Ink Stains with Dish-Washing Liquid

Apply a few drop of a mild dish-washing liquid between your fingers to form a lather.

Rub the ink stain with the lather until the ink is gone.

Rinse the shoes with a damp cloth and either air or towel dry.

Removing Ink Stains from Suede Shoes

Buff the ink stains gently with a fine-grit sandpaper.

Saturate an old toothbrush in distilled white vinegar.

Scrub the ink stain gently with the saturated toothbrush. Rinse the toothbrush with cool water. Allow both the shoes and the toothbrush to air dry.

Brush up the nap of the suede shoes with the dried toothbrush.