How to Glue Soles on Cheap Work Boots

Adrian Peacock/Creatas/Getty Images

Instead of spending money to buy new work boots, you can resole those old boots and extend their life. You can accomplish this easy task with a repair kit and follow a few simple instructions. Repair kits contain replacement soles and an adhesive to attach the new sole to the boot. Remove the old sole with a sharp knife completely before attaching the replacement sole.

Resoling Shoes

Cut the old sole from rest of the boot with a razor blade or sharp knife. Do not cut into the boot.

Sand the boot where the sole has been removed and the area of the new sole that will come in contact with the boot. Ensure both areas are lightly roughed up and clean.

Smear the adhesive on both contact areas with a gloved finger to protect the skin.

Wait 2-10 minutes after applying the glue until it becomes tacky to the touch.

Press the glued, contact areas together to form an immediate bond.

Cure the boot for 24 hours allowing the glue sufficient time to set up.

Trim the excess sole or glue with the razor blade or a sharp knife. Sand for a smoother edge.