How to Unclump Eyelashes

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A fringe of long, thick, dark lashes makes your eyes look bigger and adds impact to your gaze. Spidery clumps and lumps in your lashes draw attention to your eyes as well -- but not the kind of attention you want. Clumped mascara makes you look disheveled or as if you've been crying, but you can easily remove clumps with an eyelash comb. This must-have addition to your makeup brush collection has very fine teeth to slip between and separate your lashes.

Step 1

Starting at the roots, run your eyelash comb up through your lashes.

Step 2

Wipe the eyelash comb on tissue paper or a towel to remove excess mascara, then run it through your lashes once again.

Step 3

Remove any stubborn clumps with the edge of the eyelash comb. Work the prongs in between clumped lashes, and gently wiggle them apart.