How to Use Motions Hair Relaxer

Woman washing hair in bubble bath

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Hair relaxers are beneficial to African-American men and women. If you have extremely curly or kinky hair, a relaxer will make your hair visibly straighter and more manageable. Some hair styles require a straight head of hair. For those particular styles, a hair relaxer will do the trick. You can invest a large chunk of time and money by having your hair straightened at a salon, or you can attempt the job yourself. There are dozens of home hair relaxers on the market. Motions relaxer is one of the most popular. The Motions relaxer method is fairly easy, so you should have success in very little time.

Apply Motions relaxer around the hairline.

Divide the hair into four sections using the tail end of a rattail comb.

Apply the relaxer to the rear crown section of your head approximately 1/4 inch from the scalp out to the ends using the back of a rattail comb.

Repeat Step 3 on all four sections of hair.

Starting in the rear crown section, smooth hair from root to ends using the rattail comb.

Repeat Step 5 on the entire head.

Follow timing guidelines on the relaxer packaging to determine how long the relaxer should remain on your hair.

Rinse out the relaxer thoroughly with warm water.

Wash your hair using a neutralizing shampoo.

Apply conditioner to your hair following instructions for the conditioner.

Rinse the conditioner from your hair.

Dry your hair and style as normal.