How to Get a Perm Out of Your Hair the Next Day

by Katina Blue ; Updated September 28, 2017

You must reapply a perm without rollers to reverse a curly perm.

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If you don’t like the results of your curly or spiral perm, you can remove it from your hair the day after it was applied. Although a perm is supposed to be permanent -- hence its name -- applying another perm without using rollers will aid in returning your hair to its original state, whether wavy or straight. Although myths about washing a perm out exist, this is really the only way to reverse a curly perm.

Purchase another perm kit. Find one with a gentle formula that is especially designed for color-treated hair. The kit should include the perm solution and a neutralizer.

Shampoo your hair. Do not condition it.

Mix the perm solution according to the directions on the box. Make sure you read all of the directions and follow them step by step.

Apply the perm solution to your hair. Comb it through from root to tip to smooth your hair out and make it straighter. Do not comb too much, just enough to get the perm through all of your hair. Allow the perm to remain on your hair for the length of time recommended in the directions. After this time, rinse the perm out.

Comb the neutralizer through your hair. Keep it on for the length of time specified in the directions. Rinse it out. Any curls from the original perm should be gone. Do not condition your hair. This will interrupt the perm reversal process. Wait about two weeks before you begin applying conditioner again.


  • Applying another perm the day after receiving one can cause some damage to your hair. If possible, wait a couple weeks before trying to reverse the perm. Also, avoid heat styling within the first few weeks after completing the reversal process to allow your hair time to recover.

    To avoid any further damage to your hair and to ensure that the reversal process is done correctly, have a professional remove your perm instead of doing it yourself.

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