How to Go from a Perm to Natural Black Hairstyles

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Black hair comes in a variety of textures, lengths and styles. Most often the hair is worn natural or relaxed. In the relaxed or permed state, the hair is altered by an agent that relaxes the curl in the hair. The hair will need to be retouched with the relaxer to cover new growth every six to eight weeks to maintain the straight look. In order to go back to the natural look, the hair will have to grow out from the roots. There is no chemical solution to take the relaxer out of the hair and bring it back to its original texture.

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Grow the natural hair out to desired length. Trim the hair every six weeks, gradually cutting out the permed hair. Unless you are willing to wear your hair short, the growth process can take as long as one year to completely get the perm out of your hair. According to the Johnson Products website, a relaxer is called a "perm" because it is in your hair permanently.

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Apply a deep conditioner twice a week. The hair will need to be kept moist and soft. The conditioner will detangle the hair and allow minimum breakage during this transition. Wear a style that does not cause stress on the hair. Pulling the hair will cause breakage and will affect the way your hair grows in. Allow hair to resume its natural state over time.

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Use a warm blow dryer to straighten the hair as it grows in. This will help you to manage a style and keep your hair untangled. The hair will not appear as straight as when it was totally relaxed, but you will be able to style your hair between shampoos. You hair will take time to return back to a natural style. A hair moisturizer will soften the curls and prevent breakage in your transition.