How to Prevent Hair From Flattening Overnight

woman sitting in bed stretching

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When you slipped off to dreamland, you had perfectly styled hair; however, when you woke up, those treasured tresses went flat or became a frizzy mess. You can extend the wear of a wavy or curly hairstyle by preparing your head before you lay it on a pillow. Skip the morning hair drama and stop wasting time redoing your do by maintaining the hairstyle overnight.

Slide satin pillowcases on your pillows. The satin fabric does not rub your hair as much as cotton fabric.

Bend over at the waist, gathering your curls in a loose ponytail on top of your head. Use your hands to pull up the hair.

Tie the hair up on top of your head with a fabric-covered ponytail elastic. This kind of hair accessory will not leave creases in your hair when you take it down.

Remove the fabric-covered ponytail elastic when you wake up and shake your hair loose. You may need to freshen the ends of the curls with a styling spray, a leave-in conditioner or water.