How to Straighten Bangs Without Heat

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Blasting your bangs every day with a blow dryer or sliding a hot straightener over your fringe can leave your hair noticeably heat damaged. Although heated styling tools offer a quick fix when you want straight bangs, damaged tips can frizz and break. Once split ends appear, the hair must be trimmed away. You could end up with super-short bangs. Give your bangs a break by straightening them with the appropriate hair products and a few hair accessories.

Step 1

Visit your hairstylist for a bang trim. If you prefer to clip your fringe at home, make sure the hair is completely dry before you begin. Wet hair can shrink significantly when it dries.

Step 2

Wash your hair with a curl-controlling shampoo. When you need hair repair, try a strengthening shampoo. Follow up the shampoo with a conditioning treatment. Deep conditioners will help you get straighter hair but these type of conditioners can weigh fine down hair. If your hand tends to be oily, limit deep conditioning to once or twice a week.

Step 3

Towel blot your hair. Moisturize slightly damp bangs with hair serum. Squirt the serum in the palm of your hand. Rub it into the bangs.

Step 4

Comb the bangs down and off to one side, if you desire a side part. Slide on a hair clip or pin in place to secure the bangs. The fringe should be flat against the head.

Step 5

Place a scarf over your head to cover your bangs and smooth them down. Secure the scarf ends under your hair. By sleeping with the scarf on your head, you can keep the curling to a minimum.

Step 6

Control curly roots by backcombing the hair slightly near the scalp.