How to Avoid Curling Iron Creases in Hair

Woman curling her hair

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Bouncy ringlets are perfect for a night out with the girls or even a romantic date, but curling-iron creases can put a damper on your look. The barrel of a curling iron has a clamp on it that can cause small pleats to form during the curling process. Curl your hair the right way to maintain your look and avoid creases altogether.

Start with dry hair. Using a curling iron on wet hair can scorch the hair and cause damage and will also make the creases more prevalent. Comb your hair well to remove any tangles.

Separate a section of your hair you wish to curl. Open the curling iron barrel with your free hand and clamp it down on the hair at the top of the section, close to head. Slide the barrel down the section of hair until it’s clamped at the very ends.

Twist the barrel under the section of hair several times until you reach the top of your head. Hold the iron horizontally while twisting, but tilt it to a slight angle once you reach the top of your head. Slightly release the clamp of the iron once it’s at the top of your head.

Hold the iron in place for several seconds until the hair wrapped around the barrel is warm to the touch. Open and close the clamp rapidly while pulling the iron downward to release the curl. Doing this during the release further helps to prevent creases.