How to Get Curls Right Near Your Roots

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It's hard to forget a full head of curly hair — the kind that bounces like a spring when you give it a tug. Achieving stunning root to tip curls is not easy, especially for those without naturally curly hair. The longer your hair is, the more it will weigh down the top, leaving your roots straight. But with the proper technique and application of the right hair products, it's possible to curl your hair even at the roots.

Grab a piece of hair approximately 1-inch above your roots with the curling iron positioned vertically.

Turn the curling iron 1/4 rotation toward the ends of your hair. Hold the iron in that place for 1 to 2 seconds.

Pull the iron out a little to let some hair pull through the iron, then move further down the hair shaft. If your iron clasps tightly, you might need to depress the lever to let the hair flow through.

Repeat the process of clasping, turning, holding and pulling further down the hair shaft. You might need to do this 3 to 5 times -- depending on your hair length. Once at the end of your hair, release the lever gently and let the curls fall without touching them.

Lift your hair at the roots with the fingers of the hand that is not operating the curling iron. Spray the roots of the hair that are inside the curling iron with hairspray. This will help keep your hair from getting weighed-down; and it will prevent you from losing your curls at the roots. The hairspray misting the iron will cause build-up. When the iron is totally cooled down, you can remove that build-up by rubbing it with steel wool.

Flip your head, when your hair is damp and work some volumizing mousse into the roots. Mist your hair with some finishing spray to add shine and humidity protection.