How to Use Hot Rollers on a Wig

If your wig has lost its bounce or the curls are hopelessly mashed or frizzed, it's time to restyle your wig and get those curls back into shape. Whether your wig is synthetic, made of human hair or a combination of the both, it's easy to curl your wig using hot rollers.

Comb out the wig carefully using a wire brush for straighter styles and a vent comb or pick for curly styles. Start at the bottom of the hair and work your way upward to the top and gently pull out any tangles before you restyle.

Secure the wig on a wig rack or stand before you start styling. Be sure that your wig is clean and completely dry before you curl the wig with hot rollers.

Use electric curlers or hot rollers on a low or medium setting for wigs. It is not recommended that you use electric curlers on a synthetic wig, but can be done on a very low heat setting with end papers to protect the wig fibers.

Separate the hair into sections with a comb or pick and then clip the hair into sections so that you can curl it more easily. Spray each section with an appropriate hairspray or wig styling mousse right before you roll it.

Roll up each section in a hot roller, being careful to wrap the ends completely around the roller. Roll straight up with the section pulled taut and clip into place. Curling a wig with hot rollers is the same as curling your hair with hot rollers. Roll at the same angle and in the same direction as the pre-set curl, or roll it however you think it will look best if you are restyling.

Allow the rollers to cool down completely before you remove them from the wig. Unroll in the direction it was rolled to prevent frizz and flyaways. Arrange the curls with a pick or vent comb and then use a finishing spray to help complete the new style.