How Do I Get Rid of Frizz in My Ponytail?

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According to InStyle Magazine, today's ponytail trends call for sleek and sophisticated up-dos, not fluffy tops and ends. Some hair types and styles make this look challenging. Even after your low-profile ponytail is in place, heat and humidity could cause it to curl. Tackle frizz two ways -- by preparing hair before you put it up -- and touching it up while wearing. You don't need professional help, just insider tools to keep your ponytail looking nice and smooth.

Squirt a dime-sized amount of styling gel into the palm of your hand. Rub the gel into the hair, working it into the ends. Don't rub gel all over, as this will make hair feel and look greasy.

Touch your hair line over your ears with the gel. Don't apply gel to your bangs, if you have any.

Spray the paddle brush lightly with hairspray. Gather hair at the back of your head with a paddle brush. Secure it with a ponytail elastic.

Smooth the hair at the forehead and over the ears with your fingers. Spray the hair lightly for added control.