How to Put on a Weave Ponytail Using Bobby Pins

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Beyonce, Jennifer, Kim, Nicole, Paris, Rihanna. Celebrities are known for wearing sophisticated ponytails and up-dos when walking the red carpet. According to StyleList, the ponytail is a fashion mainstay that has never gone out of style. You too can have an alluring hairstyle like the stars. Hair weave extensions can easily transform a thin, lifeless ponytail into a long, glamorous one by following a few simple steps.

Wash your hair and apply a moisturizing conditioner. Dry your hair and finish with a light, moisturizing hair lotion or pomade.

Gather your hair together. Use a nylon bristle brush to sweep your natural hair up into a ponytail. Once your ponytail is in the desired location, secure it with an elastic ponytail holder.

Twist your ponytail and then coil it around the ponytail holder to form a bun. Anchor your hair with hair pins.

Attach the end of the extension track to the base of the ponytail holder using a hair pin. Wrap the extension hair around your natural ponytail tightly, until you get to the end of the extension. Use hair pins to fasten the track. Secure everything to the base of your bun with a few more hair pins.

Wrap a piece of extension hair from the back of the weft around the base to hide the track's seam. Secure the ends with one or two hairpins.

Style your new ponytail. Braid it, iron it, curl it or just leave it straight. Spray with a finishing spray for a polished look.