How to Do a Quick Weave Ponytail

Taking your ponytail from short, thin or lifeless, to long, full and glamorous can be done easily and quickly by doing a quick weave ponytail. A quick weave is the use of extension hair, usually glued or pinned into your natural hair to create a new style, length and/or color.

Comb out your natural hair and then apply a heavy setting hair gel, such as Pro-Style, to your hair. Make certain to put enough gel at the hair line so that you don't have loose strands or frizz.

Brush your natural hair up into a ponytail using your nylon bristle brush. You can make your ponytail low or high, centered or to the side. Rubber band your ponytail and make sure it is tight, then roll it into a ball or small bun.

Lay your weft (track) of extension hair on a flat surface and stretch it all the way out. Now, fold it in half matching up the two ends evenly. This folding technique is what will make your ponytail full with more volume.

Pick up your track of extension hair and place the side with the two open ends on top of your natural ponytail and put a hair pin in to hold it in place. Wrap the extension hair around your natural ponytail tightly, until you get to the end of the extension.

Pin in the last bit of the extension track into your natural hair. You may also use glue at this point to keep your ponytail extension in place. If you plan to use glue, instead of pinning the last piece of the hair track in, put a small amount of weave bond glue on the last piece, and press it firmly against your natural hair, getting as close to your rubber band as possible.

Curl, braid or style your new quick weave ponytail to meet your needs.