How to Make a Stocking Cap Bob Weave

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Would you like to change your hairstyle without making drastic changes to your own hair? Haven't found a wig that fits your unique personality and style? A stocking cap weave, also known as a quick weave, might just be the answer you need. It's a quick way to change your hair style without cutting your natural hair. Turn heads by rocking a new stocking cap bob weave.

Braid your natural hair. Place the shower cap on your head. To make the shower cap tight and secure, place tape around the edges to hold it down. This will prevent weave glue from getting onto your natural hair.

Place the quick weave stocking cap on your head. Do not remove the shower cap.

Open a bag of the human hair weave and unwrap the entire roll of weave. Apply weave glue to the track of weave. Beginning at the front bottom edge of the stocking cap, start applying the hair weave to the stocking cap. You will apply the weave around the entire perimeter of your head going in a circular motion. You do not have to cut the track of weave. When the track runs out open another bag and continue. Repeat this process until your there is only a dime sized space or hole at the top of the quick weave stocking cap.

Cut a track of hair weave three inches in length. Place weave glue on the track. Roll the track tightly together and hold it tightly between your fingers until the glue dries.

Place a drop of glue inside of the hole that is at the top of the weave stocking cap. Place the rolled track inside of the hole, with the top of the track pointing towards the scalp. Press down and hold until the glue has completely dried. Comb the hair weave to remove all tangles.

Cut the hair weave evenly or in layers until you have achieved your desired bob length. Layering will cause a feathered effect. You can also cut bangs for the bob if you like. Typically the bottom of the bangs will be just above your eyebrows.

Bump the hair weave lightly with the flat iron. You want the bob lay flat around the frame of your face. Bump your bangs under if you chose bangs.