How to Do a Beehive Braid Style for a Sew-In

by Rianne Clarke-Martin ; Updated September 28, 2017

Create a foundation for your weave with a beehive braid pattern.

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The braid pattern underneath a sew-in weave helps to determine how you style sewn-in hair, with one of the most common patterns being the beehive. Cornrow the hair in a spiral pattern around your head, and sew the tracks, or wefts, onto the braids. Styling options with the beehive pattern are limited to the style that's sewn in, so you will not be able to part your hair. However, the beehive pattern works especially well with hairstyles that feature bangs.

Start above the left ear, and use a comb to make a 1/2-inch part around the perimeter of the head.

Clip the rest of the hair into a loose ponytail with duckbill clips or bobby pins.

Cornrow the hair beginning above the left ear, and continue braiding the entire perimeter. Remove the clip or bobby pins from the ponytail when the cornrow is 2 inches from the beginning point. Create another 1/2-inch-wide part around the perimeter to create a spiral pattern.

Continue making 1/2-inch parts and cornrowing the hair until you cornrow all the hair. End with a braid. Tuck the end of the braid underneath itself.


  • If your hair is thin, add synthetic hair to the cornrow to create a better foundation.

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