How to Do a Stocking Cap Invisible Part Quick Weave

A stocking cap invisible part in a quick weave allows you to wear your weave with a part that looks natural. This styling technique is done by molding the hair with gel to create a flat base. The quick weave is then glued onto the stocking cap. Getting your hair done by a hairstylist may not be in your budget, so you may want to try this on your own. With a few basic items, you can create a natural looking part using these guidelines.

Wash your hair with shampoo and condition it. Comb out your hair to remove any tangles. Apply hair holding gel to your hair, using your fingers to distribute it evenly through the hair.

Part your hair on the side that is most suitable for you. Wrap and mold your hair by using the palms of your hand to smooth the hair down on the scalp. Mold the hair entirely around the entire head until it is smooth.

Sit under a hair dryer to allow the hair gel to dry. Drying the hair thoroughly helps to prevent the hair tracks from slipping off. Put on a stocking cap on the back of your head. Do not cover the part.

Apply a thin layer of bonding glue to the tracks. Lay the tracks on to the stocking cap, starting from the back of the nape. Place one end of the track on one side of the nape, then firmly apply pressure across the track to the other side of the head, from left to right. Continue to lay the tracks in this pattern, working your way up to the parted section. Be sure to leave a small section in the crown of the head for the closure.

Measure and cut a piece of track starting from the beginning of the last track and the beginning of the part. Apply the glue to the piece of track, then apply it at an angle to your head that will keep the hair out of your face.

Continue gluing the tracks until you reach the crown of your head. When you are finished, all the pieces should connect together, similar to a puzzle. Create your closure by applying bonding glue to a small length of track, about the length of your index finger.

Roll the piece of track tightly. Let the track dry, then use a flat iron to flatten it. This will help to flatten the hair, making the closure appear more neater. Apply glue to the rolled track and glue it to the open space to complete your closure. Your stocking cap invisible part quick weave is now complete and can be styled as desired.